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Fans Demand Explanation from YG Entertainment for Causing iKON`s Bobby Had Severe Accident on Stage



iKON's Bobby has recently experienced an accident on the stage. 

It was all happened during the group's concert on October 29th in Japan. At that time, Bobby was walking to the other sides of the stage. While nothing seemed wrong with the stage, Bobby suddenly fell off from the stage, since the platform could not support him. 

Image Source: Dispatch 

Soon after fans notice this malfunction, they ask explanation as well as apologize from YG Entertainment. They claimed that the agency does not work properly for the boys. Moreover, it was not the first time that fans are disappointed with YG Entertainment's works towards iKON -- the latest one is the boycott from fans not to buy any DVD and goods since YG did not release any new song for the boys.

Image Source: Dispatch

Meanwhile, fans are trending hastag #YG_Protect_iKON (#와이지_아이콘_보호해) on Twitter. However, YG Entertainment has not released any official statement regarding to this.  

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Source: [Youtube] Nikola Phan

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