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Fans Found Nam Joohyuk`s Adorable Way to Celebrate Girlfriend Lee Sungkyung`s Birthday?



Fans have once again turned into detectives for their idol. 

On August 11th, Lee Sungkyung posted a series of photos showing how she received so much love for her birthday this year -- Sungkyung's birthday is on August 10th. She showed off a piece of cake she had (complete with candles) as well as numerous presents from her fans.

Four hours later, her boyfriend, Nam Joohyuk, posted a polaroid photo of himself showing off his swag by covering half of his face. Although he didn't write anything in the caption, many fans believe that it's actually a "sign" for Lee Sungkyung: swag and Lee Sungkyung are two things that cannot be separated, as in drama 'Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo,' her character kept saying the word.

Fans believe that the two basically dedicated their Instagram posts to each other. No wonder, Lee Sungkyung and Nam Joohyuk have been receiving much love from fans thanks for their chemistry since their old modelling days. 

Anyway, happy birthday again to Sungkyung and have a long lasting relationship with Joohyuk!

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Source: [Youtube] MBCdrama & [Instaram] heybiblee, skawngur

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