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Fans Look Back on Girls Generation`s Last Message to Each Member at the 10th Anniversary Concert



News about the three members of Girls' Generation -- Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Seohyun -- leaving SM Entertainment make SONEs could not help but to reminiscence the old great memories. 

As the report surface, fans look back at the girls' comments during their 10th anniversary fan meeting back in August this year. On that day, all the members took turns to leave their personal message one another. 

It's started with Taeyeon who told YoonA, "I am proud of you. As expected, you are mine." YoonA said to Yuri, "Let's be healthy, cool, and pretty."

Image Source: Dispatch

Then, Yuri told Hyoyeon, "Thank you for being with me since 17 years ago," and Hyoyeon said to the maknae Seohyun, "You are my pride."

Image Source: Dispatch

As soon as Seohyun heard the words from Hyoyeon, she did not able to control her feeling and her tears dropped. She cried even more when she saw Tiffany, and said, "Because you are here, I feel safe, I love you."

Image Source: Dispatch

Tiffany also expressed her loving words to Sunny, saying, "I always think that I can be proud of you, that you are an amazing person. From the very start, until now, and even in future, let's love one another, just like now."

Image Source: Dispatch

Sunny told Sooyoung, "I have always wanted to say this thing to you from a long time ago. I thank you a lot. I am sorry, and thank you for being a part of Girls' Generation."

Image Source: Dispatch

Lastly, Sooyoung took her turn and said, "I am so proud of Girls' Generation. I always talk about Girls'  Generation wherever I go. It's so relieve that I have Taeyeon as my main vocal."

Image Source: Dispatch

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