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Fans Screamed Joohyuk`s Name to Sungkyung During a Fan Meeting and Her Reaction was Priceless



Lee Sungkyung was so adorable when fans shout her boyfriend, Nam Joohyuk's name, at a recent fan meeting.

The model turned actress visited Ion Orchard Sephora in Singapore for promoting cosmetic brand 'Laneige' on May 20th. As soon as she made entrance to the venue, fans who have been waiting for her were all excited and welcomed her in joy.


While answering questions and sharing several beauty tips to everyone who came, several fans started to say out loud her boyfriend's name, Nam Joohyuk. Hearing it, Sungkyung seemed to be a bit taken aback and shyly smiled to the crowd. Wasn't her reaction adorable?

Check out Sungkyung's adorable response at the 1:56 mark in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] Biblee Sung Kyung 

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