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Fans Speculate the Real Reason of BoA and Joo Won`s Break up



BoA and Joo Won are currently hot topics among Netizens. 

On November 13th, the couple announced that they have parted ways. The two have ended their relationship after 10 months being together. Receiving a lot of love, fans surely feel disappointed that the two broke up. 

Currently, Netizens discuss the possible "real" reasons of their break up. A lot of fans pointed out the fact that Joo Won's enlistment in the army become the most possible reason. Joo Won enlisted in the army in May, and since then, the couple has been separated in distance. 

Several comments found on the Internet read "It's too bad that the two have broken up", "Well, waiting someone in the army is definitely not an easy thing", "I am sad but I always cheer up for them, no matter their decision is", and more. 

What do you think about this, people?

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Source: [Youtube] 팩트iN스타 Fact in Star


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