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Fans are Furious at Mnet for Allegedly Blurring BLACKPINK`s Faces During [2017 MAMA in Hong Kong]



BLINKs are not happy with what they saw on '2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards' in Hong Kong. 

During the awards ceremony, soloist Jung Sewoon performed a special medley of girl group idol's songs, including Red Velvet's 'Red Flavor,' MAMAMOO's 'Yes I can,' TWICE's 'Knock Knock,' GFRIEND's 'Love Whisper,' as well as BLACKPINK's 'As if It's Your Last.' 

Along with the performance, the screen behind show a slideshow of the girl groups. While the other groups' pictures show a clear, beautiful faces of the idols, fans hardly can see BLACKPINK members' faces. Anyone who sees it can easily tell that the girls' faces were blurred red. Up until now, there is still no official statement released by Mnet regarding to the issue. 

Image Source: Mnet

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Source: [Youtube] MTV 我愛偶像 Idols of Asia

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