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Fans are Furious at Reporters` Attitude towards Taeyeon + SM to Take Legal Actions against Malicious Comments



Fans are not happy with what the reporters did to Girls' Generation's Taeyeon.

Recently, the idol went to the police station in Gangnam for details about her car accident. Outside the office, reporters were repeatedly asking her to give some comments about the accident. One reporter commented, "The victims claim they never received a proper apology from you... Please say something about this." However, since the reporter kept pushing forward to Taeyeon, she replied, "You're going to hurt people. You're too much."

On the other hand, SM Entertainment announced to take legal action against malicious commenters targeting Taeyeon. The agency said, "Back on December 2nd, Taeyeon attended an investigation into the car accident that occurred on the 28th of last month. She has reached out to the victims and apologized, and plans to compensate for the damages via the insurance company. We once again apologize to the victims of the accident. Also, we're currently gathering the baseless rumors and malicious comments roaming the web involving the accident and plan to take legal action."

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Source: [Youtube] Channel A News (Korea)

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