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Flooded by Fans Suspicion, [Golden Disc Awards] Committee Explains How BTS Won the Album Daesang

Flooded by Fans Suspicion, [Golden Disc Awards] Committee Explains How BTS Won the Album Daesang


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Committee of 'Golden Disc Awards' has cleared up speculations with a clear explanation on how BTS took home Album Daesang.

On January 11th, BTS was announced as the winner of Daesang for their album 'Love Yourself: Her.' It was the group's first ever win to win the grand prize at 'Golden Disc Awards.' Media outlet Ilgan Sports reported how the 32nd 'Golden Disc Awards' determined the winner.

The album category were based on sales data for albums released from December of 2016 to November of 2017, with statistics from Gaon Chart up to December of 2017. There are some rules applied in the evaluation for the Bonsang and Daesang.

1. Variety and drama OST albums were excluded.

2. Only albums with six or more new songs (excluding intro, outro, instrumental tracks, and previously released on other albums) included.

3. Only one album (the one with highest sales) chosen to be considered during this time period.

4. In cases of an album released in more than one language, it would be considered as a single album if it met these criteria, with its sales added to the total sales.

5. The total score was determined 80 percent by sales and 20 percent by expert evaluation. 

6. Repackage album could win if it meets all of the criteria and it has higher sales than the original full album.

BTS' 'Love Yourself: Her' recorded 1,493,443 album sales, while EXO's fourth album 'The War,' recorded 1,085,094 in sales at the second place. The sales number is for both the Korean and Chinese version of the album, as they met the executive committee's criteria of being produced in Korea and having the same release date and songs.

As for expert panel's evaluation, BTS came at #1 with a score of 290 out of 300, while EXO received a score of 211. 

Source: [Youtube] Flying Angel

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