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Footage of BTS Extremely Exhausted after Their Performance Garnered Attention



Clips and photos of BTS members after their 'Mnet Asian Music Awards' stage performance has been viral. 

The footage was taken from the backstage and it shows how the members are in extreme exhaustion after an intensively powerful performance. During the '2017 MAMA' in Hong Kong, BTS performed for approximately 20 minutes in total, bringing their hits, 'DNA,' 'MIC Drop' Steve Aoki remix, 'Not Today,' and 'Cypher Pt. 4.' BTS' to the stage.

While many of fans appreciate about the hard work, not few of ARMYs are worried about the boys' health. Many non-fans of BTS also applauded the group for how hard they work to achieve their success both inside and outside Korea.

Watch the video above to find out more!

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Source: [Youtube] everyhourBTS

Thumbnail Credit: HOPESECRET, sin3c999an

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