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Footage of Wanna One Got Cursed by EXO-Ls Angers Fans



Wannables, or fans of Wanna One, are all furious knowing that their idols got cursed by audience at '2017 MelOn Music Awards.'

Following the rumors that Wanna One got cursed at the recent '2017 MMA,' footage has gone viral on the Internet and online communities. It was all started when Wanna One took the center seats, and one group of EXO-Ls started cursing at the boys. 

According to fans at the venue, some of EXO-Ls were not happy with the fact that Wanna One took the "best seats." In the video above, it can be heard a fan said, "How dare do you sit there? F*ck you. Sit at the back."

You can watch the video above to know more above.

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Source: [Youtube] HallyuBuzz!

Thumbnail Credit: unlimited, Twitter '@foxstar_MH'

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