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GDragon has Once Again Proved His Impact in Fashion, Making Everyone Buys This 2 Dollar Pair of Socks



It seems like everyone wants to follow how GDragon dresses himself. 

The BIGBANG leader took to his Instagram and upload a photo of his shoe. In the photo, fans can also see his black sock with the word 'ㅋㅋㅋ' (laughing sound in Korean). Surprisingly, in less than one week since the post up on his Instagram, the socks has now become a hot item in South Korea.

While GDragon often wears lavish fashion items from luxury brands, it turned out that the socks will not make your savings gone! One pair of the socks is KRW 1,900 (approximately USD2). Needless to say, fans are all willing to get one pair so that they have "couple item" with GDragon!

Source: [Youtube] CHANEL & [Instagram] 

Thumbnail Credit: Always GD

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