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GDragon`s New Hair That You May Not Like It At First But Will Definitely Sink Into You



It is always 'one of a kind' with him, even his hairstyle. 

GDragon was previously spotted with a mullet hair in big bright red for up till his recent solo concert.

Image Source: Twitter 'DearG'

His hairstyle caused mixed emotions to many on whether does it actually suits him. However, the BIGBANG leader was spotted with a new color with the same hairstyle and suddenly it all just seemed to fit him well. 

GDragon had his color toned down in a light shade of ashy brown at BIGBANG's recent group concert in Japan.

Image Source: Twitter 'Number G'

Image Source: Twitter 'DearG'

Image Source: Twitter 'AlwaysGD'

In fact, it kinda made him looked younger than before. What's your stand? 

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Source: [Youtube] Idol Korea 2

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