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GOT7 Spoils About Their Upcoming Internal Mini Drama with Possible Casting Roles



GOT7 shares about their mini drama in their recent fan sign. 

The boys held a special fan sign event on Christmas eve and spent the beautiful day with their Ahgasaes. During the talk they had, Jackson spoiled about the mini drama that they will be having internally, among them. 

Image Source: Youtube '새콤달콤' Screenshot

Jackson: "We had GOT Jackson show this year so next year we will be filming a mini mini drama, just within ourselves. Jinyoung will be the main lead."

Yugyeom: "Jinyoung-hyung is the main female lead!"

Youngjae: "Main female lead will be Yugyeom! The father role will be Jackson-hyung."

Jinyoung: "The role as my pet will be 'Wang-gae(Jackson)..."

Are we excited to see this happening? Watch the moment at the 25:19 mark in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] 새콤달콤

Thumbnail Credit: ineffable light, 922jy


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