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GOT7`s Fan Meeting Was going as Planned... Until a Fan Brought a Cockroach to Jackson



It turned into a chaos in no time when the fake cockroach appeared at the event. 

On November 7th, GOT7 held a fan signing event in Jamsil, Seoul, for their latest album, '7 for 7.' It was actually just another fan signing, where fans could see the boys and give present for them. One fan, tough, caught attention for what she brought for Jackson. As soon as Jackson saw the "present," he could not help but to be surprised of what the fan brought for him: a fake cockroach.

Image Source: Youtube 'GAGA WANG' Screenshot 

Image Source: SUNKISSED

The fan put the fake cockroach inside the album, and it successfully gave a shock for Jackson. As you can see in the video above, Jackson screamed when he saw the fake cockroach. Even the staff at the back was also shocked seeing what the fan brought to him. Soon after, Jackson covered his face with the tablecloth in front of him. 

Image Source: Youtube 'GAGA WANG' Screenshot 

In spite of his cuteness reacting to the prank, many fans were furious to the fan and said that she has gone over the line to make such a joke to the idol. What do you think about this, ladies and gentlemen?

Check out the video above to know more!

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Source: [Youtube] GAGA WANG 


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