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GOT7`s Mark`s Answer Made Other Members Except for JB, Extremely Upset



Mark chose JB only.

On their radio appearance on NCT's Night Night, the members were being asked to answer questions before the start of the radio. To the last question that read, "The member who gave the most strength to me while preparing this album is...?"

The members started guessing that everyone of them would have written, 'Everyone.' However, disappointment fell onto them but JB when Bambam read, "Only Mark(wrote) JB." JB was delighted with this answer and went passed Jinyoung to give Mark a handshake. The members began to throw in upset comments before Mark explained that, "JB was the one who made our title song(for this album)." 

Image Source: Youtube 'MoGwa' Screenshot

Jackson went, "But Yugyeom made the choreography right?" as Mark calmly responded with his understandable answer going, "(But)Because there's the song that the choreography was possible..."

Mark had to calm his 5 upset younger brothers down. Watch the moment in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] MoGwa

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