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Girls` Generation`s Taeyeon Breaks the Silence for the First Time Since Her Car Accident



Taeyeon has finally spoken up her thoughts after her car accident.

On November 29th, the Girls' Generation member took to her Instagram account and replied several comments from fans, addressing her thoughts on the accident. 

Image Source: Instagram '@taeyeon_ss'

Taeyeon said, "I am sorry for making you all worried and I have apologized to the driver, while several others don't want to talk to me.. I tell this to prevent misunderstanding. I will drive more carefully and I apologize for causing a lot of worry."

Image Source: Instagram '@taeyeon_ss'

She replied one fan's comment that suggest her to sue people who send her malicious comments. Taeyeon said, "I am planning to do it (suing Netizens who gave her malicious comments). I will be more cautious about that."

Another comment that Taeyeon replied is the one who suggest her to release an official public apology. For this, Taeyeon said, "Baby, not public apology should be written for this, but an apology letter for the people who are related to the case. Because the case has been cleared up, please don't worry. Thank you for worrying me and I will drive more carefully in future. "

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Source: [Youtube] YTN NEWS

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