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Gong Myung Hopes His Brother, NCT`s Doyoung Sees This Video



Gong Myung sends a message to his younger brother through his V live broadcast. 

The actor did a V live broadcast on August 11th and mentioned about his younger brother, NCT member, Doyoung. 

Gong Myung: "Ah, what is my younger brother doing now? I ate a meal with my younger brother too. I love you. Dongyoung(Doyoung's real name) ah, let's go and play! With hyung(himself). Are you watching? I hope you watch this broadcast. Lets go and play. I will buy you delicious food."

Gong Myung: "If my brother sees this, he will probably go, "You don't even contact me and you talked about me on V live." Even so I am still going to talk about you, Kim Dongyoung(Doyoung's real name)! I love you." 

Image Source: Youtube 'NCT 翻譯看姐姐心情翻' Screenshot

Gong Myung sure showed his strong affection for his little brother! Check out the moment in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] NCT 翻譯看姐姐心情翻

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