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Gong Yoo Shared the New Sports He Recently Picked up at a Recent Event



Gong Yoo shared what he has been up to recently. 

The actor attended a fan sign event held by SK broadband and the time was taken to do a small interview with the actor too. When being asked about his recent activities, he shared, 

"I am having more of my own time right now so its good. I am doing what I wasn't able to do." 

The host added, "Didn't you pick up English again? His pronunciation is nearly the same as the locals!" which caused the actor to smile shyly.

Image Source: Twitter 'bellforyoo' Screenshot

Talking about his own exercising habit, Gong Yoo shared, 

"I have always been doing weights, doing how I have always been doing. However, I want to learn something new so I just started something new not long ago. (Host: What is it?) Its a secret. (smiles) I have always wanted to learn it. Tennis. The coach said he hope that my skills could improve fast and that he wants to train me up as an athletic." 

Good to see the actor enjoying his free time! Watch his warm farewall to fans who were at the venue as he takes his leave in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] yoo ssunn

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