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Gong Yoo`s Spontaneous Fan Service at a Recent Fan Sign Made Fans Love Him More



Gong Yoo is out with his fan services.

Gong Yoo attended the 'SSG' fan sign event held at Starfield in Goyang on a Sunday morning. Crowds filled up the venue just to get a glance of the charming actor. As the fan sign started, Gong Yoo could be see having his focus fully on the fan in front of him as he hear them out on what they wanted to say to him. Even on requested to show finger hearts, big hearts or even lifting up a fan made cardboard panel, he rejected none. 

Image Source: Youtube 'supershinstudio' Screenshot

Coming to the end, a person from the crowd asked for a handshake from Gong Yoo but the actor couldn't hear her clearly. He went, "You are asking me to do what? Hand? You are asking me to hold your hand?" before giving her a firm handshake with a smile.

Image Source: Youtube 'supershinstudio' Screenshot

Watch the moment at the 7:48 mark in the video above ! 

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Source: [Youtube] supershinstudio

Thumbnail Credit: nya_nyaWoong

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