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Han Seohee Once Again Garnered Attention, Saying That She will Do Anything to Become Famous



Han Seohee has once again garnered public's attention.

Recently, she has posted a screenshots of of her conversation with a friend, talking about her frustrations because of people's backlash. However, the post has since been deleted. In the screenshot, she said that she wanted to give up on everything, including her dream to become a singer. The conversation is translated such as follows.

SH: I'm so upset. It sucks.

Friend: It's how our society works, what can we do.

SH: In other countries, people tweet about their political beliefs, but in Korea if you say something, you have to face so much people LOL I didn't say much anyways. I want to deactivate Instagram, make a public statement that I don't want to a singer anymore, and want to lie low for a bit. People's attention? Now, I don't want to receive it anymore." 

Nonetheless, several time later, she came up with a completely different words, saying that she will do anything to become famous. He replied one user's comment on her post, saying, "I want to debut no matter what. I need to be famous. If I don't debut, I'll be a joke forever. So, I have to debut but things just don't go my way sometimes."

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Source: [Youtube] 딩딩댕  

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