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Heechul Mistook Eunhyuk`s Post for Another and Got Yesung Furious



Eunhyuk posted the right post on his Instagram but Heechul mistook for another.

The members were on their way to Gapyeong on the bus when they decided to do a impromptu check on each other's SNS. Eunhyuk's Instagram was being inspected when Heechul spotted the younger, posting a screenshot of a non-Super Junior song that he was listening from a music site. 

Heechul exclaimed, "You shouldn't be promoting other artist's song...!" when Eunhyuk clarified by saying, "It's Yesung hyung's" Yesung who witnessed this furiously went, "That's me...!"

Image Source: V LIVE 'SJ Returns' Screenshot

Heechul tried to defend himself by saying, "The cover has a female on it..." but Yesung was not taking it and voiced out, "Aren't you too much!" 

The song cover that Heechul saw was a song Yesung featured in. Watch the fury moment at the 04:12 mark in the video above!

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Source: [V LIVE] SJ Returns 

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