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Here are 6 K-Pop Songs with Whistling Sounds Which won`t Stop Playing in Your Head



Among various music genres in K-pop, recently fans have found one commonality that can be found in many songs: whistling sounds.

The whistling sounds is often combined with the melody in the song, resulting a signature sound which will be easily remembered by anyone. Here, KStarLive has compiled six K-pop songs with fun whistling sounds that you will surely love.

1. BTS - DNA

Image Source: Youtube 'ibighit' Screenshot

2. BLACKPINK - Whistle

Image Source: Youtube 'BLACKPINK' Screenshot

3. B.A.P - Honeymoon

Image Source: TS Entertainment

4. Trouble Maker - Trouble Maker

Image Source: Youtube 'Trouble Maker (Official YouTube Channel)' Screenshot

5. B1A4 - Solo Day

Image Source: Nick Saglimreni

6. Girls' Generation - Party

Image Source: SM Entertainment

Check out all of the MV of the songs above!

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Source: [Youtube] ibighit, BLACKPINK, 1theK (원더케이), Trouble Maker (Official YouTube Channel), SMTOWN

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