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Here`s What BIGBANG Seungri`s House Really Looks Like

Here`s What BIGBANG Seungri`s House Really Looks Like


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The maknae of BIGBANG has finally revealed his house on the broadcast for the very first time!

Seungri has made a special appearance on a recent episode of MBC's 'I Live Alone,' where he gave a sneak peek of his daily activities. Seungri lives in a 195 m²-sized apartment with three bedrooms, located in Samsung-dong, Seoul. It was revealed that many celebrities also live in the building, and Seungri's next door neighbor is actress Lee Siyoung.

Even though Seungri lives alone, anyone can tell that he is a neat-type man, as everything is organized well in his house. You can watch the video above and the photos below to take a look at what Seungri's house really looks like.

Image Source: Youtube 'MBCentertainment' Screenshot

Source: [Youtube] MBCentertainment

Thumbnail Credit: SN

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