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Here`s the Final Male and Female Group from Survival Show [The Unit] to Debut Soon



Two groups from KBS' survival show 'The Unit' will make their debut soon!

After a long journey they had in the show, 9 male contestants and 9 female contestants have been chosen for the show's final champion. Up until now, there is still no detail announced regarding their debut but it seems like it will be sometime soon! Here is the full list of the final two groups:

Image Source: KBS

UNI+ B (Boys)

1. Jun (U-KISS) 

2. Euijin (BIGFLO)

3. Hojung (HOTSHOT)

4. Feeldog (BIGSTAR)

5. Marco (H.B.Y)

6. Ji Hansol (Former SM Trainee)

7. Daewon (Madtown) 

8. Kijoong (IMFACT) 

9. Chan (A.C.E)

Image Source: KBS

UNI+ G (Girls)

1. Euijin (Sonamoo)

2. Yebin (DIA) 

3. NC.A 

4. Yoonjo (Former Hello Venus) 

5. Hyunjoo (April)

6. Yang Jiwon (Former SPICA) 

7. Woohee (Dal Shabet) 


9. Lee Suji (Former The Ark) 

Source: [Youtube] smile -wA-

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