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Highlight Joins the `Kwai` Frenzy with a Unique Choice from the Application



Highlight takes a different route from the mainstream trends.

Joining the 'Kwai' application frenzy that is going around at a rapid speed especially among celebrities, Highlight did a group dubbing instead. Of course, the members had to choose an extremely 'special' one out of the choices available in the application.

Image Source: Youtube '신비한 잡동사전' Screenshot

Crouched down as the lined up themselves one behind another, they did 'The ants are working hard today too' dubbing with the song in the background as they moved together like ants. 

Notice the happiness clearly shown on the members', especially Doojoon's face too. Watch their 'Kwai' group dubbing in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] 신비한 잡동사전

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