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Hollywood Actor Ezra Miller is a Total BLINK, He Even Danced to BLACKPINK`s Song



BLACKPINK has stolen the Hollywood actor's heart.

Ezra Miller, who has been famous for his character, the Flash in DC Superhero movie 'Justice League' turned out to be a big fan of BLACKPINK.

Recently, cast of the 'Justice League' movie sat down for an interview with Eric Nam on NAVER's 'V LIVE.' During the interview, Eric Nam brought up how Ezra Miller (the Flash in the movie) is a huge fan of K-pop. To this, Ezra Miller answered, "That's true, yeah, you saw the moment?" The actor then mentioned BLACKPINK, saying that he likes the song for its reggae vibe. 

When asked whether he knows the song well, Ezra Miller ask Eric Nam to sing the song, and the actor re-enacted the dance moves from 'As If It's Your Last.' Needless to say, it made everyone in the set burst out laughing. 

Check out the video above to know more!

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Source: [Youtube] BlackPink Cool  

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