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How Did INFINITE`s L Reacted When Male Fans Complimented His Looks?



L was leaving in their car when a male fan shouted, "You are so handsome!"

The boys recently made their comeback after the reformation as 6 with 'Tell Me,' and did their stage at 'Music Core' on January 13th. The members were leaving in their car when they came to a stop at the traffic light. L and Sungjong scrolled down their windows to greet INSPIRITS who waited when a male fan went, "So handsome!" 

Image Source: Youtube '' Screenshot

L immediately responded, "Oh! Thank you!" as he gave it another thought and went, "Wow!" Another male fan called out, "Myungsoo(L's real name) hyung! You're so handsome!" to which L replied with, "Ah okay...! Thank you guys!" 

L is charming and we know that. Watch the moment in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] 

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