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How was Park Seojoon Cast as the Part Timer on [Youn`s Kitchen 2]?

How was Park Seojoon Cast as the Part Timer on [Youn`s Kitchen 2]?


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PD of 'Youn's Kitchen 2' shared the reason behind his casting. 

A new addition to the family, actor Park Seojoon joins the cat of tvN's variety show, 'Youn's Kitchen 2' as a part timer. During a special V live broadcast on January 4th, the PD of the show shared why he casted the actor in the show and more, as a part timer. 

The PD shared, "Park Seojoon talked a lot about his past part time experience during our meeting. He naturally talked about things like food wastes and recycling so I casted him seeing that he could be an all-rounder." 

The actor added, "I am used to cleaning after leaving alone for a long time. Rather than having someone else to do it, I feel more at ease to be doing it myself." 

How are you liking the new addition? Check out a short clip of the show in the video above before the airing of its first episode tonight at 9:50PM KST!

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Source: [Youtube] tvN

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