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HyunA`s Stylist Posted `AOMG` on Instagram, Her Manager Removed `Cube` from Bio

HyunA`s Stylist Posted `AOMG` on Instagram, Her Manager Removed `Cube` from Bio


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Fans have found HyunA's stylist and manager might hint something on the singer's status on Cube Entertainment. 

After all of Cube Entertainment's dramas kicking out EDawn and HyunA, experiencing stocks drop, taking back their statements, and more, fans have noticed that HyunA's stylist posted the AOMG logo on his Instagram and her manager removed 'Cube' from her Instagram bio. 

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Image Source: Instagram '@doooho' Screenshot

The stylist uploaded a photo of AOMG's company card with the caption, "Let's do well", suggesting that he may be working with the company in the near future. 

Fans are expecting HyunA's departure from Cube Entertainment after judging that the agency is not "good enough" for HyunA. A lot of fans wish HyunA could join an agency that will take care of her better. It was reported that Cube Entertainment will hold a board meeting regarding the issue sometime this week. 

Source: [Youtube] 1theK (원더케이)

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