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INFINITE Revealed What They Set as Their Kakao Profile Pictures in a Recent Interview



INFINITE members shared the profile image they set for Kakao. 

In their recent appearance on 'Ask in a Box,' an interesting question which asked, "INFINITE members! What is the picture and caption you guys are having on Kakao currently?" 

Dongwoo revealed that he had a picture of himself during their music video filming while Sungjong answered with a religion cross. Hyunwoo laughed at his own 'pacific ocean' profile picture while L kept it simple with the basic profile image. Sunggyu was the only one that was hesitant to share his. 

The leader shyly revealed saying, "Mine is Winnie the Pooh..." and later went, "If you are wondering why...Among Winnie the Pooh's meme, there's one that has him looking his phone and went(distancing away from the phone). That was really funny..." 

Image Source: Youtube '1theK (원더케이)' Screenshot

Watch the moment starting from the 13:42 mark in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] 1theK (원더케이)

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