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INFINITE`s L Went Solo on Stage for His First Fan Meeting in Japan, His Vocals will Melt Your Heart



INFINITE's L has proven his quality as a singer on the recent fan meeting in Osaka, Japan.

On September 7th, the idol held his very first solo fan meeting, where thousands of fans came to see him in person. Apart from the interview, mini games, and talking session with fans, Myungsoo (L's birth name) also took over the stage to perform his songs -- one of them is the Japanese version of 'Love of My Life.' The song is originally sung by INFINITE, but this time, L sang all parts of the song. In white suit, L mesmerized everyone at the venue with his powerful and emotional vocals. 

Image Source: Youtube 'made in L' Screenshot

Watch the video above to know more!

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Source: [Youtube] made in L 

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