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IU Gave out Hamburgers for Fans Who Waited Long for a Recent Event Recording



IU made sure that her fans don't starve. 

Pre-recordings for '2017 SBS Gayo Daejeon' that IU performed as well as MC-ed for took place on December 24th. On similar events, due to the amount of artists that were having their pre-recording done as well, timings are often being delayed. Around 400-500 fans that were waiting for IU's pre-recording waited for long hours at the venue too. 

IU was worried that her fans could be starving due to the long hours of waiting so she personally ordered hamburgers for them to have for dinner. It has been said that the singer wanted to order something better but the only thing place that could take such a huge order was the fast food place. 

Image Source: lafsyo16 

Image Source: lillyIU_jjang

This wasn't the first time IU treated her fans but has previously also prepared snacks in her other recordings as well.

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