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IU Got Scolded by a Fan and It Turned Into an Adorable Laughing Scene



A fan scolded IU when she claimed that she gained weight.

IU was sharing a little talk with her fans as she says, "I was talking about me gaining weight just now..." At this point, a fan could be heard shouting across the hall, seemed furious asking, "What weight gain are you talking about!?" 

This caused a huge fit of laughter in the venue and also gave IU a good laugh. The fan was so loud and clear that IU said, "It seems like she has a microphone instead of me" and repeated what the fan shouted one more time. 

Exactly, what weight are you talking about...IU? Watch the hilarious moment in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] GodHanGil

Thumbnail credit: Orange, euniswang

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