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IU Warmly Prepared a Special Cantonese Version of [Through the Night] for Her Hong Kong Fans



All for her Cantonese speaking fans. 

IU brought her beautiful stages to Hong Kong for her fans there through a concert on November 25th. Of course, originally a Korean production, fans would have expected the songs to be sung as it was, in Korean. However, what IU made it so special for the local fans there was the Cantonese version of the song she holds close to her, 'Through the Night.' 

Fans were caught out of surprise the moment the lyrics sounded familiar to them and went wild with their cheers realizing it was sang in Cantonese by IU herself. Each and every words were sang full of her sincerity and with it being a language they can understand, the song would be now belong in a special place in their hearts if it wasn't.

Check out the Cantonese version of 'Through the Night' in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] K-Star hk 

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