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IU in Her Beautiful Gown at the [Melon Music Award] Took Everyone`s Breath Away



It was a gown every girl would dream of. 

IU attended the 'Melon Music Award' and got honorably awarded for the 'Album of the Year' with her 'Palette' album released this year. Not only was she there to receive the well-deserved award but also graced the ceremony with her stage. 

Starting off with, 'Through the Night,' IU stood behind a black curtain with only her silhouette seen. The curtain was then raised upward, revealing the beautiful singer in her sparkling gown that took everyone's breath away.

Image Source: Twitter 'Blossom You' 

Image Source: Twitter 'closer_thanever' 

Image Source: Twitter 'Dooooly.com' 

Image Source: Twitter 'The Wing'

Her gown was a simple one with two straps on the shoulders but it was the simplicity of it with its dim sparkle that made it enchanting. Check out her performance in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] Mindy Mindy

Thumbnail Credit: 심심해요, IUdotcom

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