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IU`s Effort for Her Foreign Fans in a Past Concert Proves Her Sincerity



She eliminated as much language barrier as she could.

IU stopped by Hong Kong for her 'Palette' concert tour on November 25th. It commonly known for foreign artist to have a local translator invited to their concert, to give translations on the spot for the fans at the venue to understand what they are saying.

However, to actually relay her words the way she wants, for fans to understand her through her directly, IU used a great amount of English as well as a little Cantonese she learnt.

Image Source: Youtube 'Geumhae Na' Screenshot

In a beautiful dress, she asked her fans if it is pretty in Cantonese. Despite her unsureness, she took the courage to say it and her fans were able to understand her and replied back to her immediately, all without a translator in the middle. 

Watch as IU converses with her fans at her recent Hong Kong concert in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] Geumhae Na

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