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Insiders Commented on the Possibility of HyunA Joining AOMG

Insiders Commented on the Possibility of HyunA Joining AOMG


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It's not impossible for HyunA to join AOMG, after all.

Recently, rumors about HyunA selecting AOMG as her new agency have been circulating after her stylist shared a photo of AOMG and her manager removed Cube Entertainment on her Instagram bio. However, it's revealed that the social media activities don't have a direct relation with HyunA's joining AOMG.

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To clarify the rumors, an insider revealed, "It's true that the stylist found new work. They would've signed the contract with HyunA if they really decided to. HyunA will only make a move once she organizes her thoughts."

HyunA (and EDawn) are still in talks with Cube Entertainment about their status in the agency. On September 13th, Cube Entertainment announced they had kicked out HyunA and Pentagon's E'Dawn. On the same day, they took back their words and said that everything is still in talks. 

Source: [Youtube] 1theK (원더케이)

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