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Insiders Revealed How Much Money Lee Minho and Hwang Chiyeol Make for an Event



Lee Minho and Hwang Chiyeol's popularity is no joke. 

On a recent episode of Channel A's 'Rumor Has It,' the cast members talked about how much money Lee Minho and Hwang Chiyeol make just for showing up to an event. 

Image Source: NAVER TVCast '풍문으로 들었쇼' Screenshot

It was started with Lee Minho, and it was revealed that he have earned KRW 900 million (approximately USD 785,000) for an event in 2015. At that time, Lee Minho was invited to an event in Hong Kong where he was only required to show his face temporarily. To convince him, it was also revealed that the event staff hired a private plane just for Lee Minho. 

Image Source: NAVER TVCast '풍문으로 들었쇼' Screenshot

One of the member revealed that his agency didn't reveal exactly how much he was paid. He revealed the statement from MYM Entertainment, "There's no fixed standard for appearance fees. He doesn't really attend many events, and we've never decided on a schedule based on its appearance fees, but it is true that they offered an amount that was beyond our imaginations."

Image Source: NAVER TVCast '풍문으로 들었쇼' Screenshot

As for Hwang Chiyeol, it has been reported that he earns at least KRW 100 million for an event. Hong Seokcheon then revealed, "At that time, he said that he cancelled two events for appearing at 'Happy Together,' and he said that he lost KRW 300 million."

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Source: [Youtube] 채널A Entertainment

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