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Introducing You Nuna Gang: American-based Girl Group Debuting with a Korean-English Song



American quartet Nuna Gang has finally made their hot debut!

The group consists of 4 members, including Jenny Lyric (vocalist & also a member of CoCo Avenue), Ashley Yoon (vocalist), Sierra Glazebrook (dancer), as well as Nami Matsushita (dancer). They have recently had their debut stage at the Los Angeles Korean Festival's Hi-Teen Pageant.

Unlike the usual girl group, Nuna Gang has captured many K-pop fans since Jenny Lyric sang in Korean during their debut stage. However, Nuna Gang states that they are not a K-pop group. The group plans to release both group and solo music in the near future, and present amazing performances. 

You can watch their debut stage in the video above.

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Source: [Youtube] Nuna Gang  

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