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JHope Told Jungkook to Sit Next to IU... Here`s How He Responded



Fans have found yet another proof of Jungkook's adorable reaction when it comes to his favorite: IU.

Among various moments between the two idols at the '2017 MelOn Music Awards,' one adorable moment is when JHope told him to sit next to IU. It was all started that BTS had to sit near to IU, and JHope let Jungkook to take the nearest spot to the singer. Flustered, Jungkook's eyes got big and he stepped aback, refusing the offer. 

Jungkook then hurriedly grabbed Jin's arm and he asked the oldest hyung to take the spot instead of him. It turned out that Jungkook is a shy fanboy of IU, right? How cute! 

Meanwhile, you can also what the video above to see Jungkook and IU's interaction at the awards ceremony above.

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Source: [Youtube] Mum Mum

Thumbnail Credit: MADE IN 1997 BTS JK, IUDOTCOM

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