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JYJ`s Jaejoong Promised to Use His Own Money For This on His Fan Meeting Day



Jaejoong wanted to make sure everyone goes prepared for his fan meeting cum Halloween party.

Jaejoong greeted his fans through a V live broadcast on his way to the final episode viewing for his drama, 'Manhole.' Coming to the topic about his fan meeting's dress code, Jaejoong checked his calendar to see what would fit to realize that Halloween is just 2 days away from his fan meeting date. 

He went,

"Its in October right...Ah! Oh! That's right! October 31st is Halloween Day right? We are on the 29th. Its just 2 days after. Okay we will be going with Halloween(concept)! Halloween, cool? Then, I will promise one thing. I will do a Halloween dress up too."

Image Source: V LIVE 'KIM JAE JOONG' Screenshot

Getting excited about it, he added, 

"Everyone! Do it properly! If there's even one person that comes in a non-Halloween related outfit then it is not going to be fun anymore.(After deeper thoughts) Okay! Okay! Everyone, I will treat you guys to it! I will use my personal money! For you guys to be able to dress up to your heart's desire! I will prepare a professional dress up car right in front of the fan meeting location!" 

A fun and spooky fan meeting coming right up! Watch Jaejoong's excitement about this idea at the 18:50 mark in the video above! 

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