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JYJ`s Jaejoong is In Fact 31 Years Old, But This Behind Film Denies It All



Time stopped for this 86-liner. 

In the behind film for his 'Cosmopolitan' photoshoot, not only the surreal visual but the adorable antics of Jaejoong proves that age is just a number. 

His playfulness got the better of him when he walked alongside a moving truck, tricking the production staff that all went, "Ah! You surprised me!" thinking that he disappeared.

Image Source: Youtube 'CJESJYJ' Screenshot

Also, one thing that got him whining was the wink that seemed really hard for him. He went, "I can't wink! Why am I not able to do it as I go on?" but still tried his best to make one. 

Image Source: Youtube 'CJESJYJ' Screenshot

His bright personality is definitely one of the secret to his youthfulness. Watch the behind film in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] CJESJYJ

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