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JYP is Loving WINNER`s Version of Wonder Girls` [Nobody] Too

JYP is Loving WINNER`s Version of Wonder Girls` [Nobody] Too


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WINNER did their version of Wonder Girls' 'Nobody.'

The boys guested on JYP's 'Party People' and did a cover of the producer's label girl group, Wonder Girls' hit track, 'Nobody' that the group expressed their desire to have it for themselves. Right from the start, they set off with a totally new groove with their stage.

With the iconic chorus line, Seungyoon showed off his stable and unique vocals with clear piano accompaniment before Mino and Seunghoon joins the stage with their charismatic rap lines. Jinwoo who smoothen out the song's emotion as well as the addition of their own choreography added to the overall perfection of their cover stage. 

Image Source: Youtube 'kpopchannel.tv' Screenshot

JYP himself looked proud and happy with their cover too! Check out their mind blowing cover in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] kpopchannel.tv

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