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Ji Changwook Shaved His Head + Left Goodbye Message to Fans Before His Military Duty Today



Ji Changwook will enlist to the military today.

To prepare himself, just like the other men, he shaved his head. He uploaded a short clip of him getting the process done on his Instagram account, with the caption, "Voila." 

'Singles' magazine also uploaded a picture of the actor with the caption: "This is actor Ji Changwook with a buzz cut. How is it possible for him to be this good looking even though he has such short hair? We'll wait for you until we meet again healthily." In the photo, Ji Changwook looks comfortable in his white tee, while touching his head shyly. The actor also wrote, "I will comeback safely. Salute."

Ji Changwook will be enlisting on the afternoon of August 14th. We will miss you a lot!

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Source: [Youtube] ASMR 하늘 & [Instagram] singlesmagazine


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