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Jimin Talked about BTS` Achievements in 2017, He Thanked ARMY for Making Them All Possible



Jimin revealed his honest thoughts about BTS' achievements last year. 

As you might have known, 2017 has been a great year for BTS, from winning at 'Billboard Music Awards,' making debut on American TV shows, to collaborating with international artists. Needless to say, fans were all curious on how the boys actually feel about the amazing year. 

During the red carpet of '32nd Golden Disc Awards' on January 10th, the MC said to the boys, "BTS is definitely cannot be missed when we talk about 2017. You guys have taken huge role in the year. How do you feel about that?" She then pointed Jimin to answer the question.

Image Source: Youtube 'TongTongTv 통통영상' Screenshot

Jimin explained, "Actually, I think we have achieved so many things that we haven't imagined before, in 2017. I think it could be happened thanks to all ARMYs who come here. I really thank you guys and I love you."Right after he finished his answer, Jimin waved his hand and smiled to the crowd. 

Source: [Youtube] TongTongTv 통통영상


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