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KBS Blurred BIGBANG T.O.P`s Face on Recent Broadcast, Fans are not Happy with It



VIPs complain on how T.O.P's face got blurred on the broadcast.

During a broadcast 'Let Me Sleep Only for One Day,' Lee Sangmin and Kim Jongmin visited Italy and came to one family which later found out to be a big fan of BIGBANG.

For the show, the older sister of the family took Sangmin and Jongmin for a tour in their house. They also visited a room, which is full of albums -- and several of them were BIGBANG albums. When the camera recorded the BIGBANG's merchandises, fans found that T.O.P's face got blurred, due to his recent marijuana scandal. 

Image Source: Instiz

However, it seems like fans are not happy with the "evil editing" of the show. Several comments found on the web reads, "Is it really necessary to blur his face?", "I don't get it why it has to be blurred, everyone knows that it's T.O.P", "If the show does not want to show T.O.P's face to viewers, they shouldn't have recorded BIGBANG's merchandise, at the first place", and more. What do you think about this issue, people?

Meanwhile, you can watch the clip from the episode above!

Source: [NAVER TVCast] 2017 추석 스페셜 특집  

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