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KNK Hilariously Reenacts the Famous the Beatles` Crossing in London



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KNK members called it the 'traffic light' instead. 

The boys visited London and were unable to suppress their excitement to be in the country. Not only English were pouring out from their mouth, they made sure to visit the famous Abbey Road Crossing in the country too. Upon arriving in the area, Seungjun introduced, "This is the 'traffic light' of senior The Beatles."

Image Source: Youtube 'KNK 크나큰' Screenshot

However, it seems like it wasn't Seungjun the only one that has the word wrong, Inseong who followed up went, "Its fascinating and new to be able to see this 'traffic light' with my own eyes."

Image Source: Youtube 'KNK 크나큰' Screenshot

Taking their position along the crosswalk, they perfectly reenacted the very image of The Beatles' Abbey Road Crossing, but not without panicking at every green light. 

Image Source: Youtube 'KNK 크나큰' Screenshot

Check out their crossing at the 3:42 mark in the video above

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Source: [Youtube] KNK 크나큰

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