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KNK`s Seungjun Ran for His Life while Trying to Overcome His Fear



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Seungjun got his mind set but apparently his heart is still not ready for it.

On KNK's 'My Little Television,' Seungjun attempt to overcome his fear of horror movie. Even before the start of the movie, Seungjun was already in an anxious state and when a staff went over to close the lights, Seungjun shouted, "DON'T TURN IT OFF!" Heejun held Seungjun back on the couch until all the lights were off. 

Image Source: Youtube 'Flower Petals' Screenshot

When he was left alone in the room, Seungjun covered his ears and crouched by the side before he shouted and dashed out of the room.

Image Source: Youtube 'Flower Petals' Screenshot

However, his escape was to no valid when Heejun was waiting just outside the door.

Image Source: Youtube 'Flower Petals' Screenshot

Seungjun: "THERE'S SOUND!!!"

Heejun: "Of course there is. Its a horror movie. Just go in first hurry!"


Will Seungjun be able to overcome his fear in this state? Watch the video above to know for yourself! 

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Source: [Youtube] Flower Petals

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