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Kai Allowed Photo Taking at His Birthday Party, Under One Condition



Kai allowed some rule breaking at his birthday party after a special request. 

Kai celebrated an early birthday with lucky fans at the SM Atrium on January 13th, a day before his actual birthday on January 14th. Being it a private event for him and his fans, photo taking were strictly prohibited throughout. However, Kai made it special for his fans and allowed a short photo taking session, nearing the end of the event.

Before posing for his fans, he went, "You can't use a the basic camera application to take it! You can't take videos too! Take it with a camera application!" 

Happy Birthday to the sweetest bear, Kai! 

Source: [Youtube] King EXO

Thumbnail Credit: ᴷᴬᴵ 스와니, snowbear


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