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Kai Explained the Reason Why He Sent a Watch Emoticon to D.O



Kai answered the burning question fans has been asking. 

Kai did a short V live broadcast to greet fans before his birthday party that was to take place on January 13th. He gave fans close up shot and his sweetest smile before mentioning a question he knew fans have been asking. 

On the message conversation Chanyeol uploaded for D.O’s birthday, Kai could be seen sending in a watch emoticon after his birthday message. 

Image Source: Instagram 'real__pcy' Screenshot

Fans were wondering if there was a special meaning behind it. Kai explained and went, “I was going to send a heart but I pressed the wrong one...”

It was a slip of his fingers. Also, Happy Birthday Kai! 

Watch the moment at the 8:15 mark in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] TA'record99

Thumbnail Credit: B-APEX BOY, Love Light


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